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keepingclean's Journal

Organization, Planners, Housekeeping, and More!
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A community about housekeeping, organizing life, keeping a personal planner, and tons of inspo!

About the Owner

Hi, my name is Liz and I make YouTube videos on planning, journals, hauls, and more! I usually have a blog that goes along with my YT channel, but I've never been fond of other platforms such as blogspot. I've tried tumblr for my YT blogs, but with planning and organizing, it just doesn't flow quite right for me. That's why I decided to just open up a community here! This way people can go ahead and join in on the conversation, I'm excited to see where this goes (if anywhere!).
A little about me... I'm 26 years old, I live with my boyfriend and our two cats. I love to journal, plan and organize 😂 I don't have the cleanest house, but I do like to keep it the way that I like it, which is clean but lived in 😉 I collect containers, and definitely have more things to put stuff in, than stuff to put in them...I also collect 100 other things. I run two more communities here on livejournal as well. Please check my user info for more information on those 😎

Hello and welcome to Keeping Clean! This Community is to bring together people from all over that love to organize, clean, use personal planners, and more! This community is also for those with questions; maybe you're unsure the best way to take out a certain stain, or wondering how large of an insert to use in your extra large fauxdori. Feel free to post and questions you have about organizing and cleaning your life here! And of course everyone is so very welcome to post their work, tips and tricks, and more! You don't have to have a perfect home, or perfect technique, just passion 💖

Posting Rules

Feel free to post ANYTHING related to Organization, Cleaning (home, car, closet, life!), Planning/Planners...
SOME Examples would be...
x. Photos of clean homes, dirty homes, before and after photos!
x. Videos of cleaning routines
x. Planner videos, photos.
x. Resources for organization, cleaning, or personal/life/work planning
x. Ideas on how to get something clean
x. Questions about how to organize a room/drawer/car/purse/planner/etc.
And many, many more! Don't be afraid to post!

The only things not tolerated here at Keeping Clean is hostility, hate speech, and general rudeness. If you have nothing nice to say, don't say it at all. There may come times where people may post their dirty rooms, clothes, or cars; please do NOT personally attack those posting here looking to help or to inspire! No one is perfect, and that's not the point of this community! Those found breaking these rules will be warned. If the user continues to cause a disturbance, they will be banned. Thank you for understanding and following the rules while you're here at Keeping Clean!

Have a journal to post? Post it here at my journaling and inspiration community lovbook!

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